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Cinémémoire is a collection of homemade movies, amateur and professionnal films. It collects, scanns, documents and archives those films since 1995. Right now, the fund contains more than 900 hours of footage from the 20’s to nowadays, and it is daily enriched by new film deposits. Currently, 400 hours of film are digitized and available to all in the form of records and online videos.


The film archive Cinememoire focuses on the audiovisual memory of Marseilles, the PACA region and former French colonies.


Other than those three major collections, Cinémémoire has images from around the world picturing the daily, family and local life as well as historical or political events, sport events, scientific exploration, travels, or even customs ...

Cinememoire’s archive films

Collections :


« The Marseilles Film Archive » includes images of Marseille from our film library. They show the history of Marseilles: the deck ferry, the liberation of Marseille, all the major works led by Gaston Deferre.

« The colonial Film Archive » includes images taken by settlers filming their daily life. It testifies of the French colonial history in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Congo, CAR, Cameroon, Benin, Madagascar, Indochina ...

« The PACA film Archive » brings together different images of the Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur region from 1925 to the present. The town of Port de Bouc deposited an important film fund.

« The Petot fund » is a collection made by a collector of amateur films featuring rare footage of the region PACA and Marseilles from 1925 to 1959.

« The Laffage fund » includes 16mm films shot by the amateur filmmaker Yvon Lorenzini who filmed villages in the PACA region and the city of Marseilles in the 50’s and 60’s.

« The Coumes fund » is named after the amateur filmmaker who has produced 17 wildlife documentaries in 16mm in the 50s and 60s, most of the being shot in Provence.





Foire d'Aix en Provence années 30

30’s Aix en Provence’s fair
Marseille: Le pont transbordeur 1933
Marseille: The deck ferry, 1933
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Archive Treasures from Marseilles film archive
Cinémémoire at the Marseilles film archive !

The first Tuesday of each month, before the long film, Cinémémoire presents a short film based on audiovisual archives of the history of Marseille: Archives Treasures
Place of projection : CRDP - 31 bis bvd d'Athènes - 13001 Marseille

Next projection : October 2010
  1er Grand Prix Automobile de Marseille, 1946  
Volume 6 : 1st Grand Prix Automobile of Marseilles in 1946

Document presenting the first Grand prix of Marseille in 1946 filmed in 16mm and 9.5 mm by several amateur filmmakers

  Bal populaire   Volume 5 : Bal Populaire in Provence

On the occasion of a dance hall, all generations come together to dance to the sound of the accordion.
  Une journée bien arrosée au cabanon   Volume 4 : A day with plenty of drinks

Callelongue 1935, friends gather to spend the day at the cottage. Program: meal, wine and jeux de boule.

  Marseille pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale  
Volume 3 : Marseilles during WW2

A Vichyist shows the weight of the occupation in Marseilles and its dramatic consequences including the destruction of neighborhoods around the Vieux Port.

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The War of Algeria seen by amateur filmmakers
  Visite de Jacques Soustelle à Constantine, 26 mai 1958  

Visit of Jacques Soustelle in Constantine, 26 may1958

Parade pro-French Algeria during a visit of Jacques Soustelle in Constantine on 26 may1958

  La semaine des barricades, janvier 1960   The week of barricades january 1960

Week of barricades in the streets of Algiers in January 1960. The scene is filmed from a balcony.
  Référendum pour l'Indépendance de l'Algérie, 1962  

Référendum about Indépendance in Algéria, 1962

Parade through the streets of Algiers by civilians and soldiers on the day of the referendum for independence.

  Indépendance de l'Algérie, 1962  

Independance of Algeria, 1962

Algiers, 1962. A parade to celebrate tindependence, filmed from a balcony, by a French that has remained remained in Algeria. The vehicles and the crowd march with Algerian flags.


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